SUMMER TEASER. June 07, 2012 23:13

JACK'S NIGHT MARKET. May 03, 2012 22:45

Tomorrow night, Jack London Square, 6pm - 10pm, shit on sale, and apparently beer.  

We'll be there, stop by. 


DUNKXCHANGE. April 27, 2012 14:24

This past Sunday we set up shop at the Dunkxchange in SF.  This is the first time I've taken part in this event and the first time I've experienced the sneaker/dunk/shoe culture.  Interesting to say the least, especially when kids started showing up with 5 or more boxes of kicks to trade/sell.  To each his own.  

Thanks to Jon at Fully Laced for letting us set up shop. 

And apologies for the shitty pics...all I had was my phone.


The Spring '12 collection is now available online and at a dealer near you. Be sure to support our dealers first, since they support us.  Enjoy.


COVERED. March 07, 2012 22:38

Spring hats will be dropping soon.

AGENDA LONG BEACH January 13, 2012 17:45

A little late on this, but what's new.  We were at Agenda Long Beach last week and I managed to take 5 pictures on my phone.  I forgot the real camera both days, but what does it matter because I probably wouldn't have used it anyways.  Enjoy my photographic prowess while I look for an aspiring photographer to help us out in the future. 

Our little slice of heaven.

Check out what our friends over at Natures Mistake are working on...

SECOND DELIVERY OF FALL/WINTER 2011. December 31, 2011 13:44

So we finally got the second delivery of the Fall/Winter collection in and it's up online for your viewing pleasure.  There are some extremely comfortable flannels that were made right here in Oakland and some dope snapbacks that were made down in Los Angeles.  That's right, we're trying to keep things as local as possible.  Enjoy.  


Dia de los Muertos Sale October 31, 2011 21:56


LOCAL SUPPORT September 10, 2011 13:41 1 Comment

Join us tomorrow at LOCAL SUPPORT along with other local clothing brands.  Should be a good time.

Back on the Grind August 28, 2011 22:03

New stuff coming soon and more frequently, keep checking back and stay informed via Facebook.

MAGIC August 25, 2011 15:20

Thanks for everyone who came out to check out our first set-up at Magic this week, list of carriers will be updated soon. Too many pics to share them all...


Your Charlie Noble team.


Charlie Noble, still holding Devon's (Frank's Chop Shop NYC) pants up.  

Flocka, Mike, madness.

S.L.A.T.E. Las Vegas Next Week! August 16, 2011 16:36 1 Comment

Stop by if you're at MAGIC next week in Las Vegas. Mandalay Bay. We'll be showing fall/winter and previewing select next spring/summer goods. These two lines are the best we've ever put up.

The Daily Ration. July 14, 2011 19:10 1 Comment



Desillusion. May 24, 2011 00:14 1 Comment


The good folks over at Desillusion Magazine (thanks Lucas) sent me a copy of their recent issue. This French publication focuses on surfing, skating, snowboarding, music, and like minded culture. I gotta say this is one dope magazine with some interesting articles and pictures, all printed on some quality paper stock. Regardless of what you think, those things stand out to me.  This is one mag you want to keep for a while, so be sure to pick up a copy or at least check out their site.

TEE GIVEAWAY. April 29, 2011 18:21

We're doing a little t-shirt giveaway (pictured below) on Facebook, so head over to comment on the post and we'll pick a random winner on Monday.  You might just get lucky.

SPRING SALE. April 04, 2011 23:55

Everything is already marked down and no coupon code is needed.  Get to it!

D-STRUCTURE SF PARTY. March 28, 2011 23:21 1 Comment

Last Friday night, D-Structure SF was nice enough to host a little get-together for us.  This was the official release party for the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which means everything is slowly shipping out to a store near you.  I think you'll be excited for this line's definitely our strongest yet and only getting stronger. 

Spring/Summer Line Hitting the Decks Soon March 26, 2011 13:05 1 Comment

Spring/Summer line to hit the site soon, new hats, t-shirts, and button-downs are already in some of the stores that carry us. Check here frequently for more looks.

NEXT FRIDAY. March 18, 2011 17:26 1 Comment

THE DAILY RATION. March 15, 2011 19:41 1 Comment


THE DAILY RATION. March 10, 2011 00:22


THE DAILY RATION. March 04, 2011 11:16 1 Comment


THE DAILY RATION. March 02, 2011 07:00


FIRST EDITION. March 01, 2011 01:04

I would like to introduce First Edition, a new men's store in downtown Sacramento.  Aaron was kind enough to pick up the brand, so be sure to stop by and support this great shop. Here are just a few pictures that Aaron sent over. photography by Jeremy McCain