Matt Mignanelli May 19, 2009 23:24 1 Comment

This is normally reserved for the Daily Ration, but it seems more appropriate on the main page. As I was checking the Twitter account, I noticed a new follower. Hopefully this one sticks around, as it seems to be the trend to stay around for a few days and then jump ship when I don't stimulate the mind like I should with an update every 2 minutes. I just don't do enough in the day to justify a tweet every minute, unless I get into the intimate details, and you don't want that. But I digress.

So, Matt Mignanelli is the newest follower, resides in New York, and has some killer artwork. I'm really digging the style, bold colors, and imagery that seems to tell a story we'll never figure out. Check out his site for more work and updates. Thanks for joining the crew Matt.

Source: Matt Mignanelli