Tokyo to Osaka June 04, 2009 23:06

A friend of mine is involved in an upcoming documentary film about 13 fixed gear riders as they make the 350 mile trek from Tokyo to Osaka in Japan. According to the fellas themselves:

Our film is an exciting look at those who have embraced the popular ‘fixed gear’ bike culture and are attempting to take that enthusiasm to the next level; a 350 mile ride in the country of Japan. The 13 loosely associated friends from widely divergent backgrounds attempt to ride further than any of them have ever ridden before, and in a foreign land pushing the limit on what’s physically possible. We follow these amateur athletes as they snake through the Japanese countryside making their way southwest to the city of Osaka.

I laced the crew with some threads since they're probably gonna need plenty of clean shirts. Check out all the trials and tribulations as they prepare for the ride and ultimately complete it. I'm looking forward to the outcome. Good luck fellas.