Spring/Summer 2010 Tees. June 9, 2010 08:13

As you may know, we released our Spring/Summer 2010 tees a few weeks back.  These sat in the coffer for a while, but we were finally able to release them for your enjoyment.  You can pick them up in our shop or at our newest retailer, INVS in San Francisco. You may be wondering the premise behind the newest line, so here's a rundown of each t-shirt for your viewing pleasure. Smoker Fight Over the course of the last century, sailors used to build camaraderie and release frustration by participating in smoker fights onboard the ship while underway. These were boxing matches typically conducted on the deck of the ships, and were called smokers after the traditional term for unsanctioned amateur boxing matches. We wanted to pay tribute to this timeless tradition along with honoring the original sea-going caricature. We'll let you guess who that may be. Flying Fish Another naval tradition involves line-crossing ceremonies that are common among all sea-going services, both foreign and domestic. After a ship crosses the Equator, a ceremony is conducted where sailors who have already crossed the Equator (called Shellbacks) initiate the new crewmembers (called Pollywogs). After this initiation rite, the Pollywogs receive a ceremonial certificate that officially designates them as a Shellback. It's this certificate, with imagery of ancient sea lore, which we have commemorated here. These certificates are also given out for crossing other lines, such as the International Date Line. The more you know. Chuck Not much to say with this one, other than we wanted to honor all those who have served at sea. Titled after our namesake to keep it simple.