About the Crew

Having spent some time at sea, we feel it only fitting to produce original graphic t-shirts and classic workwear that touches on the spirit of maritime history.

CHARLIE NOBLE is named for a ship captain in the 19th century. He was famous for making his crew polish the galley smokestack on the ship because it was made out of copper. Either he was meticulous about keeping a clean ship, probably to the point of having OCD, or he was a tyrant for making the crew keep a smokestack clean. With little else known about him, his true character is up for discussion, but we like his attention to detail and this is the essence of CHARLIE NOBLE.

Of course, that is our take on it. If you ask anyone else, CHARLIE NOBLE is not a “he” but an “it”. A Charlie Noble is the nickname for the galley smokestack on a ship, a result of the previous story. In case you don’t believe us, just ask any sailor for confirmation.

Bottom line, we try to craft the best clothing possible that isn’t flashy or laden with unnecessary branding. By drawing a considerable amount of influence from the military garments that we wore and the workwear of our forefathers, this clothing is intended to be apart of daily living, whether that
be on land or at sea.

Mike B.
A former sailor, Mike was raised in the Central Coast of California and is now a 14 year veteran of the East Bay Area.

Also a seasoned sailor, Jimmynude is currently homeported in the East Bay though is rarely home. Having spent 5 of his last 8 years at sea, few people his age can appreciate the ocean for what it is, a seemingly endless source fortune and peril. A native of El Paso, TX, his art has been published in the (now defunct) El Paso Tribune, various East Bay advertisements, and in the former Que Lastima Clothing Company. Since 1996 he has lived in Texas, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Seattle, Oakland, Alaska, and Oregon.